How to Plan a Family Holiday Without the Headaches

Bring the entire crew together for an adventure abroad or just down the street for an unforgettable holiday experience – it can be a daunting process. Deciding the best plan of action for to make it all run smoothly is certainly a challenge. However, with the proper advice, planning a trip, complete with family holiday insurance and an exciting and fun itinerary, is a simple and satisfying way to enhance the lives of every member, no matter their age.

Gather the ‘Troops’

Everyone can participate in the initial planning of a holiday. First, brainstorm the best options for destinations considering time and budget. Think of a few that could work at a stretch and others that might be more reasonable and grade them accordingly. Then choose what type of activities the group as a whole might be interested in: are you more hikers, beach goers or foodies? This can help narrow down the list. Let even young children offer their opinions too; encourage them to look at books to help pick a destination. Older children or teens will love feeling part of the organisational team, especially if they also get input on specific tours, restaurants or hotels booked. While the younger members won’t be involved in choosing the best family holiday insurance policy, it’s not a bad idea to explain to them its purpose so they get used to the concept.

Prepare For It All

As opposed to the freedom of a solo traveller, keeping a whole family crew in line can be difficult. There are more suitcases, tickets, tears, toilet stops and photo opportunities along the way, all of which need to be handled seamlessly. To streamline things from the very start, take packing seriously and have each member responsible for their own bag, if age appropriate. Keep snacks, minor first aid materials and breathable clothing in every bag, ready to go at a moment’s notice. Research your final destination ahead of time to gather facts and work out if any specialise items/clothing etc may be needed. Things like learning a few phrases in the local language, knowing typical weather patterns and any safety precautions are key too. Surprise is half the fun on holiday, but all excitement ends if someone is missing a favourite item, gets injured, or falls ill without the right game plan to help in the situation.

Add Backup

Packing and reading up on your destination are not the only ways to stay ready for anything. Leave contact info with friends or family at home in case any issues should arise. Have extra copies of identification, passports and other useful information (like business cards from your accommodation) in easily accessible places in case anything (or anyone) gets lost. Family holiday insurance can be greatly beneficial in times of emergency and inconvenience on the road – but it’s important everyone on the trip understands how to utilise it. Ensure older children know the whereabouts of all important documents.

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